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White Orchid - Wall hanging

White Orchid - Wall hanging

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An “all natural white” handmade wall hanging braided from recycled cotton cord and natural wool yarn which unleashes a rustic vibe and memories of old traditions! This design combines different techniques and knots to form a variety in texture with only one color! The middle part of this wall hanging is made with a specific type of weaving to create this 3D effect.

As a large fiber art piece, it can be hung alone and offer an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic to any room. Because of its natural color and minimal pattern, it can be combined with many different decoration styles and add a personal touch to them.

You can follow me on Instagram: haimali.fiberart to see many more ideas on decoration with macrame wall hangings and get some inspiration!

Handmade from recycled cotton cord.


  • Color: natural
  • Wall hanging dimensions: 42 x 75 cm
  • Wooden dowel length: 55 cm


Please note that colors may vary a little bit due to the fact that colors are shown differently depending on your screen.

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