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Kaleidoscope - Wall hanging

Kaleidoscope - Wall hanging

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Colors, cords and patterns are combined together in this macrame wall hanging to create a bizarre harmony. This design is braided with 4 different colors to form a geometric symmetry which vibrates serenity. Aiming at a more playful flair, the colorful tassels were added at the end to include a mixture of textures! Just like looking through a kaleidoscope, one can get lost inside these endless patterns!

An ideal choice to decorate any space, this large fiber art piece gives a special air of relaxation. It can stand alone, or with other wall decorations, and will create an eclectic atmosphere!

Handmade from recycled cotton cord.

  • Colors:
  1. rainbow dust, light blue, lavender, turquoise
  2. rainbow dust, light blue, pink, turquoise
  • Wall hanging dimensions: 42 x 90 cm
  • Wooden dowel length: 55 cm

Please note that colors may vary a little bit due to the fact that colors are shown differently depending on your screen.

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