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Flower Rain - Wall hanging

Flower Rain - Wall hanging

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A large macrame wall hanging braided with 4 earthy-tone cords. This pattern is based on curves and layers and is created with many different techniques and knots. As it represents a rain of flowers, the upper part is full of small knots close to each other to symbolize these blooming clouds! These knots are getting sparse towards the end of the wall hanging just like small flower drops. In the middle of this macrame piece, a curvy element is knotted to finalize the design. It can stand alone, or with other wall decorations, such as light color wooden frames, mirrors, or wall baskets.

Handmade from 100% recycled cotton cord and a wooden dowel.


  • Colors: pink, brown, green and beige

  • Wall hanging dimensions: 50 x 105 cm
  • Wooden dowel length: 60 cm


Please note that colors may vary a little bit due to the fact that colors are shown differently depending on your screen.

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