Lemonia Mi is a fiber artist based in Athens, Greece. Her work aims to combine traditional knot and weaving techniques with contemporary patterns to create high-end fiber art pieces. The textiles of her ancestors are her main inspiration to create her own collection from a contemporary point of view.

All pieces are handmade and focus on the organic and natural element which narrates its creative journey until its last knot. Each design is usually conceived  on the spot when the distance between the creator and the object is eliminated. A kind of creative guidance that emphasizes the authenticity and originality behind every piece. 

With great respect for the environment and a slow living mindest, the materials used are purchased by small fair trade companies that work with natural and recycled cords. Wooden materials are produced from local carpenters and hand dyed yarns are created from plant and vegetable waste by Lemonia. 

Lastly, custom made pieces are possible. Feel free to connect to discuss your idea!

Requests for brand or art collaborations are always welcome as well as any kind of creative ideas.



How it all began… 

The project began in 2020  in Berlin when Lemonia was working as a designer and illustrator. A need to explore new mediums and create something by hand combined with the admiration she had for her grandmothers and their beautiful textiles led her to start this fiber art journey. Her love for plants guided her to build a small urban jungle with macrame hangers inside her Berlin apartment to escape the urban landscape, but this was only the beginning.

In 2022 she moved to Athens, Greece where she continues her fiber art path. Her dream is to create small worlds that could eventually become parts of someone else's universe; small details that lighten any kind of space!